TEAM#UP project Advisory Board gets started to advance ecosystem restoration education and practice!

23 Feb 2024

The TEAM#UP project convened its Advisory Board for the first time on February 14, 2024. The meeting involved expert members representing a spectrum of expertise and organisations committed to environmental conservation and education.

Our  Advisory board currently stands at  eight members:  Andrea Romero Montoya, from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Klara Čámská, from the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic; Egbert Roozen, from the European Landscape Contractors Association; Annette Zietlow, from the Ministry of Economics, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany; Jose Rabasco Tribes, from the Alicante Fire Department Consortium in Spain;  Sigurd Boasson from Boasson AS in Norway, Karolina Sikala, from EUROPEA International and Kim Reilly, from Landcare Europe.

The meeting was chaired by the project coordinators Markus Meyer and Anita Kirmer, who shared their vision for TEAM#UP and underscored the importance of fostering green skills acquisition among VET students, especially in light of European Biodiversity, Climate and Nature Restoration initiatives. With a consortium spanning five countries, 15 partners, and nearly 70 individuals, the TEAM#UP project aims to empower the next generation of environmental stewards (including farmers, landscapers, foresters and gardeners) through immersive educational resources and training materials covering ecological restoration.

The discussion during the meeting revolved around various aspects of the project, including the integration of soil conservation principles, consideration of European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels, and the accessibility of educational resources through an online platform under development, the Digital Ecological Restoration Toolbox.  "We are thrilled to have such a diverse and dedicated Advisory Board onboard," remarked Ryan Campbell, TEAM#UP Project Manager. "Their expertise and guidance will be instrumental in shaping the trajectory of our project and ensuring its relevance to the needs of educators and students across Europe."

The Advisory Board members expressed enthusiasm for the project's objectives and offered valuable insights to enhance its impact and reach.  Sigmund Boasson, owner of two landscaping and urban greening companies in Norway, stated, “Joining TEAM#UP's advisory board felt like a natural development in Boasson and MATTAK’s company profile. It’s about more than ecological restoration—shaping a future where nature thrives and humanity flourishes. Let's ignite a green revolution together!”

Picture by Sandra Mann

Klára Čámská, working with the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, shared with us her thoughts: “My inspiration is based on my friends and their fascinating research and practical results in ecological restoration [both at home and across Europe] and also with my colleagues, who commit each day to the demanding work with people for the benefit of nature. I would like to use both these "sources of knowledge and experience" to share with young people because I think they deserve to live in preserved nature.”

Karolina Sikala, representing a consortium of Green VET Schools across Europe commented: “I was inspired to join the advisory board of TEAM#UP  for several reasons. Firstly, my passion for working with Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) drove me to participate in two different CoVEs, where I serve as a regional captain for one of them. Being involved in this project allows me to contribute my expertise, share experiences, and continually learn from others. Sharing is caring. Together we can dream big and do even bigger.”

Looking ahead, TEAM#UP plans to leverage the expertise of its Advisory Board to disseminate project updates, engage with stakeholders, and drive awareness of ecosystem restoration education. 

For more information about the TEAM#UP project and its Advisory Board, please visit and follow #teamup2restore on social media.


TEAM#UP is an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement N°101103653. The project aims to provide practical knowledge on ecological restoration to vocational education and training (VET) schools across Europe, empowering students with green skills for a sustainable future.


Ryan Campbell,

Project Manager, TEAM#UP